Learn About 4 Season Rooms

A 4 season room is one that is heated in the colder months to make it usable all year round. This differs from 3 season rooms that are not as comfortable in the coldest months. Typically, a four seasons sunroom installation in Kansas City results in a sunroom or mudroom, but you have many options to make this unique to your personal preferences and your family’s needs. When you are ready for a beautiful 4 season room addition for your home, call Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures and we’ll share those options with you!

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Custom Patio Enclosure 4 Season-Room Kansas City MO

Advantages of Adding a Four Season Room

We recommend 4 seasons rooms Kansas City residents can enjoy for years to come in many instances, but not all of them. the customer brings us their ideas and needs, and we give expert advice based on what will meet those expectations and what will work best with their budget. Here are the best reasons we can come up with to add a true four season room to your home:

  • Makes the most of your home’s space and layout.

The most common types of 4 season rooms serve as an extension of the home. They clearly signal that you or a guest has entered your house. Therefore, their design and décor should reflect what you already have in place or, at the very least, complement it.

  • Raise the value of your home.

We can help you design a room that will add valuable square footage to your home which will do as much to increase your family’s enjoyment as it will to increase the overall worth of your home!

  • You can enjoy more of Mother Nature.

You can avoid seasonal allergies without avoiding outside altogether! A four seasons sunroom installation in Kansas City can give you the opportunity to take in the sun, watch wildlife, and appreciate a beautiful sunset with almost no obstructions, yet you’ll be protected from weather, pests and pollen!

Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures is the best place to go if you want four seasons sunroom installation in Kansas City that is professional and second to none! We are the area leader for patio installations of all kinds, and we can offer unique solutions that allow practically any homeowner to add a beautiful 4 season sunroom to their property.

The Professional Difference

We are fully committed to giving our customers the best service, and we can only do that when we are sure that we’ve hired the very best contractors to get the work done right! Your work will always be done by a fully certified team of contractors who can manage every part of the building process, so you’ll get a room that is fully functional and durable regardless of how much activity the room will get over the years. That’s one of the biggest advantages of hiring Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures to do four seasons sunroom installation in Kansas City or the surrounding area.