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No matter what type of professional patio cover you’re interested in, Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures can help you get it installed quickly and flawlessly! We are the #1 patio cover installer in Kansas City for residential and commercial customers alike, and we’re anxious to show YOU why!

This comes as a surprise to our customers, but installing Kansas City patio covers is a lot of fun for us. Of course, it’s hard work, too, but the excitement that comes along with upgrading a customer’s home or business is so rewarding! Working alongside the homeowner to design the perfect patio and then having the skills to bring the ideas to life is one of our favorite experiences! When we handle your patio cover installation, we’ll constantly be thinking of all the ways you and your family and friends will get to enjoy this space, and that makes us work even harder to deliver the patio you dream of!

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Custom Patio Covers

Our patio covers are custom-made for your home or business, so they are perfect for any space! You can turn any outdoor area into a personal oasis. From a poolside retreat to a party-ready outdoor kitchen, a one-of-a-kind patio cover is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors at your personal comfort level.

A patio cover installer in Kansas City can give you the option to relax or entertain guest outdoors even if the weather isn’t cooperative. Our customers don’t get driven in by a little rain! They can actually still enjoy all the same activities they normally do outdoors while avoiding rain showers. Our patio covers come in all different types, so all you have to do is let us know if you will be grilling or using a fire pit under your custom patio cover, and the Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures pros can match up the right product for your intended uses!

We have been the area’s favorite patio installation company for years, and this attention to detail is one of the main reasons why! Our dedicated team doesn’t give up until the customer is 100% satisfied, no matter what! After all, this patio will be something that you and your family have for many years to come, so the job better be done right! The only way to ensure that is to choose the very best installation team!

At Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures, we believe that your patio cover installation should come standard with quality workmanship, excellent service, and great prices! These aren’t on the typical contractor’s list, but you’ll soon see that these things are what set us apart! Our hard-working, reliable team is second to no other in the area! We can give you the patio you’ve always wanted, even if you thought it was out of your budget or if you didn’t think you had an ideal area for one. Our experts have installed so many Kansas City patio covers that they can draw from their extensive experience to come up with ideas that fit your unique design concerns and budget!