More About Screen Rooms

A screened porch can by a real joy for those who want to enjoy some time outdoors even when the weather doesn’t cooperate or when the mosquitos are in full force. Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures can give you the perfect screened-in porch for your home or business.

Screen room installation in Kansas City is our friends’ and neighbors’ way of keeping the bugs at bay while they relax in close proximity to the great outdoors. With a ceiling fan spinning, they can enjoy cooler temperatures without having to deal with pesky bugs that interfere with spring and summer plans. A screened porch will still allow the breeze to blow through, but it will keep annoying pests at bay. Our Kansas City customers are always grateful for this opportunity, many of them using their new screened porch 3 or 4 months out of the year!

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An Important Note about Screened Porches

For the purposes of full disclosure, we always explain to customers that the life of a screened-in porch is significantly shorter than that of a room addition or a three or four season room. Screens can break down or warp, and they are not as durable as other home addition options. However, the maintenance and upkeep is inexpensive and easy to do, so it isn’t a big deal to have your screened-in porch rescreened as needed. This may be every year or every several years, depending on the type of wear and tear it gets. These are just a few of the things to think about when you are considering a screened porch versus some other option.


When You Need a Screen Expert

Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures is your best choice for screen room installation in Kansas City! We will do the work to the highest professional standard, whether you are looking for a team to rescreen an older porch or someone to install a brand new screened-in porch for your home.

We use aluminum strips that are coated with powder for added strength and durability. Aluminum is a better option than wood for the pin-up material because it does not rot or fade like painted wood. It also maintains its appearance until it’s time to replace the screens themselves.

The cost of hiring a professional to screen or re-screen your porch is well worth the time and effort it would take you to do it yourself. You will need to have posts installed for a porch that is not truly weight bearing in its original construction. Adding the proper supports is the most important step in making sure that you and your family will be able to enjoy your screened room safely.

Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures will also make sure that every piece of hardware that is used on your screened-in in porch is high quality so that you keep it looking good longer between the times it will need to be rescreened.

We can have your screened in porch installed and ready to use within a day in many cases, so call us when you’re ready to add to your home’s usable square footage.