Read About Solariums

A solarium is a unique choice for your home, so there’s no better choice of contractors than Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures! Your proof is right there in our name!

When you’re in search of a Kansas City glass solarium contractor, you need to find an expert team that knows the difference between a solarium and the many other glassed in home additions, such as sunrooms, conservatories, and patio enclosures. Our experienced team knows the difference and can explain them to you so that you know exactly what you’re getting, along with the advantages, maintenance and limitations of each.

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Residential Uses

A solarium is generally designed in a more modern fashion than other types of room additions. The main goal of a solarium is to let in sunlight, so plants that need a lot of sunlight all year round can thrive in your solarium from late fall to early spring. Some customers even choose to construct a freestanding solarium to be used as a green house. It’s a more permanent solution than a plastic green house, and it’s much more attractive. When you sit down with a representative from Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures, they will get a clear idea of your needs and your highest expectations so that both can be met!

Commercial Uses

Not only can homeowners benefit from the addition of a solarium, but commercial property owners can as well. We have been the Kansas City glass solarium contractor of choice for businesses of all kinds, and we put our skills to work for you, too! When you own a business, adding an outdoor area for seating, dining, shopping, relaxing or whatever is never really a bad idea. A solarium is often equipped with a glass roof that will allow your customers to enjoy the sunshine or stargaze. We have special materials available that can block the sun’s rays and protect your customers from weather and wind, making them perfect for restaurants, hospitals, and offices.

The main advantage of a solarium is its beauty. They are stunning features, whether standalone or attached to your home. You can have a completely unobstructed view in every direction, even directly above you. Unique Kansas City Patio Enclosures can help you determine if a solarium will be a good choice for your home or business based on many factors, including which direction it will face and how much sunlight that part of your home receives.

As your Kansas City glass solarium contractor, we will guide you in choosing from a variety of options for your new home addition, including solariums. Upkeep on a solarium can be more involved than your average sunroom, since the roof is completely see-through, but most customers consider it a small price to pay when they see how attractive an all-glass room addition can be! This is one of many details that we can go over with you when you make the decision to add value and beauty to your home with a stunning solarium!